Delvar Dopson, an influential beacon of positivity from Bloomington, Illinois, delivers an update regarding what’s to come and the meaning behind the positive Eregon 206 lifestyle.

Widely known for his simple acts of kindness, Delvar tells us whats to come with the release of a positive and productive life style of Eregon 206. Learn how the core principles routed in Delvars message resonate to individuals of all ages and demographics.

Brooklyn and Delvar, two of my most unlikely of souls, connected and cultivated a friendship out of a simple act of kindness. Delvar, who had worked for the City of Bloomington as a garbage man was on his way to work where the simple act of smiling and waving hello became a viral sensation that inspired positivity and kindness to all of those who witnessed.

Becoming sponsored by Nutella, Delvar literally ‘Spreads the Happiness,” with Nutella with his infectious smile and positive outlook at life.

Bonnie and Delvar, two citizens of Bloomington, Illinois, in action during their experience with The Wall. After some devastating losses, do Bonnie and Delvar have what it takes to deduce the right answer and capitalize on their triple up?