Eregon 206 is a multi-faceted movement composed of several elements. Among the most obvious would be Eregon and 206, both of which embody the vision.

Eregon, a Hebrew word for “work,” is employed as a process – not a singular act. The process of Becoming One’s True Self.

206 reflects the physical structure of an adult human being. Every adult human being possesses 206 bones in their body.

It is widely renowned that the strongest structure known to man is a Pyramid. In relation to one’s body, the strongest structure would be one’s skeletal structure. 206 represents one’s body.

Both components of Eregon 206 reflect personal growth and positive living, holistically*

The Evolution of Eregon 206


As with most facets of life, Eregon 206 has experienced an evolutionary phase. As you can see, Eregon 206 used to be composed of 4 elements. Eregon, 206, Pyramid and the Tree of Life

Deriving the concepts above, Eregon 206 still embodied the same vision.

The Tree of Life was meant to symbolize two aspects of Eregon 206. First, to serve as an anchor – to keep us grounded, humble. Secondly, to connect us with others just as the roots intertwine with others.

To revolutionize the physicality of our vision we modernized the appearance. Engraving the “E” of Eregon into the structure of the Pyramid.


Through holistic personal growth and positive living, those who live the Eregon 206 life style Inspire others to:

Become TheirTrue Self, Learn to Empower those who are seeking, While Influencing those around them.